Metric Machinery Eye Bolt Working Load Limits


The working load limits on this page apply only to machinery eye bolts and machinery eye bolts with shoulders. The working load limits for regular forged eye bolts can be found on our Forged Eye Bolt Working Load Limits page.

Working load limits for eye bolts are based on a straight vertical lift in a gradually increasing manner.

Load limits are based on a safety factor of 5 to 1.

Angular lifts will significantly lower working load limits and should be avoided whenever possible. If an angular lift is required, a properly seated shoulder pattern machinery eye bolt must be used.

Loads should always be applied to eye bolts in the plane of the eye, not at an angle to this plane. Angular lifts must never be more than a 45 degree pull.

Forged eye bolt forged eye bolt with shoulder
Diameter Straight Pull
45° Pull
(Shoulder Only)
6mm 462 116
7mm 814 204
8mm 1,110 278
10mm 1,628 407
12mm 2,266 567
14mm 3,520 880
16mm 3,520 880
18mm 4,708 1,177
20mm 6,292 1,573
22mm 6,292 1,573
24mm 8,470 2,118
27mm 11,440 2,860
30mm 14,080 3,520
36mm 19,734 4,934
42mm 26,312 6,578
45mm 27,984 6,996
48mm 36,080 9,020
52mm 38,060 9,515