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Jordan Cazeault

Jordan Cazeault


Jordan's management philosophy was developed in the small hardware store business where you knew customers personally, service was paramount, and everyone pulled together as a team. Jordan has brought as many of these qualities to Bolt Depot as possible.

Jordan is equally comfortable talking product strategy, shipping packages, or emptying trash. He believes in recruiting the best people for the job and providing them with a pleasant working environment.

"I believe the way a company treats its employees is directly reflected in how well they serve customers."

Gary Cazeault

Gary Cazeault

General Manager

As General Manager, Gary works with each department's manager and its staff to ensure they are working as one to maintain the level of excellence that our customers have to expect from us.

"The staff at Bolt Depot is like an extension of my family. It's gratifying to have a team of people working toward the same goal; people you can trust."

Don Mathewson

Don Mathewson

Fulfillment Manager

As Fulfillment Manager, Don oversees the picking, accuracy, and packing of orders assuring customer satisfaction.

"I have worked in warehouse logistics for 30+ years and have never come across a better educated and highly motivated group of individuals who are dedicated to one another and customer satisfaction."

Jason Bourque

Jason Bourque

Director of Customer Service

As director of customer service, Jason coordinates fastener training for his department. In addition he helps provide guidelines and suggestions for how his staff can resolve problems with orders.

"At Bolt Depot I can provide a service to our customers on a personable level without the boundaries of scripts or excessively restrictive policies."

Lars Ahlzen

Lars Ahlzen

Director of Systems Development

At Bolt Depot, he keeps improving the website and ensuring that our internal order and inventory management systems work smoothly.

"Working at Bolt Depot frees me from the excessive bureaucracy found in many companies so I can concentrate on developing the best website possible."

Christopher Cardillo

Christopher Cardillo


As director of purchasing Chris sources new product lines, oversees and maintains inventory levels, and works with our suppliers to ensure consistent product quality.

"Being the first hire for Bolt Depot I have enjoyed everything about being part of building a business that is customer focused rather than being strictly goal oriented."

Matthew O'Brien

Matthew O'Brien

Information Technology

As Director of IT Matthew keeps the computers, phones and other electronic systems up and running. He administers our security polices keeping Bolt Depot safe for our customers.

"Bolt Depot is a unique environment where I can work with everyone on a personal level, providing them with technology to make their jobs easier."

Joshua Wigmore

Joshua Wigmore

Receiving Manager

As restock manager Josh receives all incoming stock, assures accuracy, and places all inventory in its proper place in the warehouse

"As part of Bolt Depot, it has been nice to join the family environment while also learning so much about the world of fasteners."

Francis Santos

Matthew O'Brien

Safety Manager

As Safety Manager, Fran ensures that Bolt Depot is a safe and accident free workplace that complies with all federal and local safety requirements. He trains staff and develops procedures for the safe usage of machinery and equipment.

Social Media and Events

Paige Mathewson and Emma Cazeault coordinate events and partnerships that Bolt Depot participates in, and make sure that our social media feeds are updated with the latest news, pictures, product additions and fastener information.

Customer Service

Our customer service staff is happy to help you answer any questions you have, or place your order. From left to right, top to bottom: Kenny, Rick, Jason, Michelle P, Chris, Stephen, Michelle C and Matt. Call them at 866-337-9888.

Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment Staff

Our highly trained order fulfillment crew ensures that your order is picked quickly and accurately.