Metric hole plugs for socket caps, Chrome plated steel, 8mm (6mm allen)

Chrome hole plug

Prod. # Socket cap size and Allen wrench size Each price Bag price Bulk price Price Buy
9534 8mm (6mm allen) $1.46 / ea $24.60 / 20 $225.00 / 200 $1.46 / ea $24.60 / 20 $225.00 / 200
Cost of all entered products: $0.00
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Chrome hole plug
Hole plug shown alone and installed. Socket cap screw sold separately.

Product details

Bolt Depot Product #: 9534
Units: Metric
Category: Chrome bolt covers & Hole plugs
Subcategory: Hole plugs for socket caps
Material: Steel
Plating: Chrome
Fastener size: 8mm
Drive size: 6mm