Rivet nuts, Small flanged hex, Zinc plated steel, 3/8"-16, 0.177" - 0.295"

Small flanged hex rivet nut

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Rivet nuts hex body dimensions
Small flanged hex rivet nut grip range

Product details

Bolt Depot Product #: 27736
Units: US
Category: Threaded inserts & Rivet nuts
Subcategory: Rivet nuts
Body: Hex
Flange: Small
Material: Steel
Plating: Zinc
Thread density: Coarse
Diameter: 3/8"
Thread count: 16
Minimum grip: 0.177"
Maximum grip: 0.295"
Thread direction: Right hand
Drill bit size: 33/64"
Head diameter: 0.559"
Head height: 0.025"
Maximum body diameter: 0.511"
Body length: 1.053"
Hole size: 0.512"

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