Screw pin anchor shackles

Screw pin anchor shackles (domestically produced), Hot dipped galvanized steel, 3/4"

Note: Any variation such as angular lifts, shock loads, and modifications to the shackle will result in a substantially reduced working load limit.

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Domestically produced

24132 US Flag 3/4"

$26.78 each
$127.21 / 5
$604.00 / 25


US Flag Domestically produced

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Screw pin anchor shackle dimensions

Product details

Bolt Depot Product #: 24132
Units: US
Category: Shackles
Subcategory: Screw pin anchor shackles
Material: Steel
Plating: Hot dipped galvanized
Thread direction: Right hand
Domestically produced: Yes
Diameter: 3/4"
Working load limit (Straight pull, Static load): 9500lbs
Pin diameter Min: 0.85"
Inside length Min: 2.56"
Inside length Max: 3.06"
Inside width Min: 1.75"
Opening width Min: 1.12"
Opening width Max: 1.37"
Dimensional standard: Federal Specification RR-C-271

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