Simpson® SDWS Timber hex screws

Simpson® SDWS timber screws, Star drive oversize washer head, Double barrier coated steel, .220" x 5"

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23208 5"

$1.57 each
$51.10 / 50
$353.00 / 600


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Timber screws SDWS oversize washer head star dimensions 1

Product details

Bolt Depot Product #: 23208
Units: US
Category: Deck screws & Timber screws
Subcategory: Simpson® SDWS Timber screws
Head style: Oversize washer
Drive type: Star
Material: Steel
Coating: Double Barrier
Diameter: .220"
Length: 5"
Thread length: 2-3/4"
Manufacturer part number: SDWS22500DB
Head diameter: 3/4"
Drive size: T40
Brand name: Simpson Strong-Tie®

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