Metric shoulder bolts (domestically produced), Stainless steel 316 (A-4), 10mm shoulder (8mm x 1.25mm thread) x 10mm

Shoulder bolt

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Domestically produced

21078 US Flag 10mm $25.43 / ea $169.57 / 10 $1,560.00 / 100 $25.43 / ea $169.57 / 10 $1,560.00 / 100

US Flag Domestically produced

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Shoulder bolt dimensions
Shoulder bolt dimensions
Product details
Bolt Depot product# 21078
Units Metric
Category Shoulder bolts
Screws with an unthreaded shoulder that is larger in diameter than the threads. Also known as stripper bolts.
Material Stainless steel
Grade 316
Also known as A-4 stainless, 316 is a highly corrosion resistant grade of stainless steel. Ideal in salt water and chlorine environments.
Shoulder diameter 10mm
Thread diameter 8mm
Thread pitch 1.25mm
Domestically produced Yes
Length 10mm
Head height 7mm
Head diameter 16mm
Thread length 13mm
Thread direction Right hand
Dimensional standard ISO 7379-1983
Brand name AMPG
Drive type Allen
Allen (hex socket) drive is a six-sided recess for use with an Allen wrench (hex key).
Drive size 5mm