Hex nylon insert lock nuts, Stainless steel 316, 7/16"-20

Hex nylon insert lock nuts

Note: Stainless lock nuts may require extra care during installation to avoid galling (seizing up). More info.

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Hex lock nut nylon insert dimensions
Hex lock nut nylon insert dimensions
Product details
Bolt Depot product# 18645
Units US
Category Nuts
Nuts have internal machine threads, for use with machine thread bolts and screws.
Subcategory Hex nylon insert lock nuts
A hex nut with a nylon ring to resist loosening.
Material Stainless steel
Grade 316
A highly corrosion resistant grade of stainless steel. Ideal in salt water and chlorine environments.
Thread direction Right hand
Thread density Fine
Diameter 7/16"
Thread count 20
Width across the flats 5/8" (Min 0.616", Max 0.627")
Height 0.438" - 0.468"
Hex Height Minimum 0.324"
Dimensional standard ASME B18.16.6

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