Metric phillips pan head

Metric machine screws, Phillips pan head, Zinc plated steel, 1.6mm x 0.35mm x 5mm

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17841 5mm

$0.13 each
$8.70 / 100
$78.30 / 1000


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Metric phillips pan machine screw dimensions

Product details

Bolt Depot Product #: 17841
Units: Metric
Category: Machine screws
Subcategory: Machine screws
Head style: Pan
Drive type: Phillips
Material: Steel
Plating: Zinc
Thread direction: Right hand
Thread density: Coarse
Diameter: 1.6mm
Thread pitch: 0.35mm
Length: 5mm
Head height Min: 1.16mm
Head height Max: 1.30mm
Head diameter Min: 2.9mm
Head diameter Max: 3.2mm
Drive size: #0

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