Metric JIS hex bolts, Zinc plated class 8.8 steel, 12mm x 1.25mm x 70mm

Metric JIS hex bolt

Note: JIS specialty bolts - These bolts meet the old JIS specification. They have smaller heads than standard metric bolts. JIS bolts are available only in diameters where the head size is different than standard metric bolts.
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15868 4 70mm $3.53 / ea $57.23 / 25 $503.00 / 250 $3.53 / ea $57.23 / 25 $503.00 / 250

4 This item is a semi-standard size and is therefore more expensive.

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Hex bolt PT (Body) dimensions

Product details

Bolt Depot Product #: 15868
Units: Metric
Category: Hex bolts
Subcategory: JIS Hex bolts
Material: Steel
Plating: Zinc
Grade: Class 8.8
Thread density: Super Fine
Diameter: 12mm
Thread pitch: 1.25mm
Length: 70mm
Thread direction: Right hand
Head style: Hex
Drive type: External hex
Width across the flats: 17mm
Thread length Min: 30mm

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These bolts have smaller heads that meet the old JIS specification. Available only in diameters where there is a difference in head size.