Stud anchors, Hot dipped galvanized steel, 1/2"-13 x 8-1/2"

Stud anchor

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Stud anchor dimensions
Stud anchor dimensions
Product details
Bolt Depot product# 11055
Units US
Category Anchoring products
Fasteners for anchoring in stone, concrete, brick and drywall, etc.
Subcategory Stud anchors
Also known as wedge anchors, stud anchors are one piece expansion bolts with universal style collars for heavy duty fastening into stone or solid concrete. Stud anchors come with nuts and washers.
Material Steel
A low carbon steel for general use.
Plating Hot dipped galvanized
Hot dipped galvanized is a coating for very good corrosion resistance.
Thread density Coarse
Diameter 1/2"
Thread count 13
Length 8-1/2"
Minimum thread length 1-1/4"
Comes with washers Yes
Minimum embedment 2-1/4"
Comes with nuts Yes
Hole size 1/2"
Plating specification A153
Thread direction Right hand

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