Wood screws, Slotted flat head, Silicon bronze, #8 x 3/4"

Slotted flat head

Important Note: Wood screws can be manufactured with a cut thread or a rolled thread. While the thread diameter is uniform to both manufacturing processes, the shank diameter can vary.

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Slotted flat wood screw dimensions
Note: Thread length on wood screws can vary. Many shorter lengths will be fully threaded.

Product details

Bolt Depot Product #: 3289
Units: US
Category: Wood screws
Head style: Flat
Drive type: Slotted
Material: Silicon bronze
Diameter: #8
Length: 3/4"
Dimensional standard: ASME B18.6.1
Diameter in inches: 0.164"
Head diameter Min: 0.292"
Head diameter Max: 0.332"
Head height: 0.100"
Head angle: 82°
Drive size: #8

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Finishing washers, Silicon bronze, #8
Decorative washers for use with oval or flat head screws.
$0.20 / ea
$12.28 / 100
$110.00 / 1000

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