Driver bits

Driver bits

Driver bits

Phillips bits


Bits for standard Phillips screws.

Frearson bits


Frearson drive is x-shaped, similar to (but not compatible with) Phillips.

Slotted bits


Bits for slotted screws.

Square drive bits

Square drive

Bits for square drive screws.

Allen bits


Bits for Allen drive screws (a.k.a. socket products).

Star bits

Star drive

Bits for star drive screws. Star drive is a Torx® compatible drive.

Spanner bits


Bits for spanner type tamper resistant screws.

Star pin-in bits

Star pin-in

Bits for star drive pin-in type tamper resistant screws.

Hanger bolt driver bit

Hanger bolt drivers

These bits are designed for driving hanger bolts, studs and similar items.

Hex driver bit

Nut drivers

Bits for driving hex nuts or hex head screws. Magnetic to hold the part being installed in place.

Screw eye driver

Screw eye

Bits for driving screw eyes.

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